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              Hi there, i am here again with another top 10 list. This time i give you top 10 highest paid actors in Indian film industry. All your questions and doubts about who gets the most will now be cleared.

    1) Rajnikanth - Rs 50 crores+ : I give you the man who needs no introduction, Mr. Rajinikanth. He is not only the highest paid actor in India, but also the second highest paid actor in Asia after Jakie Chan. The man who is known for his simplicity and modesty earns the most and unlike others brand endorsements is not his style, because the name Rajinikanth in itself stands for a brand. The man offered a whopping Rs 240 crores deal with Hansraj Saxena, in return the Superstar will have to give his dates for 30 days for a film Saxena has in mind.


    2) Salman Khan – Rs 50 crores : The bad boy of Bollywood. The undisputed champion of the Bollywood box office. With his blockbusters like Dabangg sequels, Bodyguard, Ek tha tiger and many more crossing Rs 200 crores gross mark. This actor has won the hearts of many and has ensured all the producers that every single movie of his will do a business of over Rs 100 crores. The most charitable actor holding the brand name Being Human“, is just another side of Salman Khan. He is known as the one of the most popular khans in the Indian Film Industry. Recently he signed a movie of Subhash Ghai of 100 crores.




    3) Aamir Khan – Rs 45 – 50 crores : The perfectionist khan. The tag given to him it’s not just a name, but it stands for his passion and dedication for his work. Be it the film industry or the TV industry he has his own way of capturing people’s attention and gives the public the perfect output. He conquered the young hearts of this country with his TV show ‘Satymev Jayate’ and with his films like Lagaan, Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti. ’3 idiots’ was one such film that had a world wide gross of Rs 385cr and the highest Indian film grosser of all time. For all the endorsements the perfectionist charges Rs 4 crores per ad.



    4) Shah Rukh Khan – Rs 38 – 45 crores : The King of Bollywood. Yes,i know it is shocking to see the “Baadshah” at 4th position, but he is the one khan who is offered more films than any other actor in a year. In spite of his age he still remains the King of Romance. He has his own production company ‘Red Chilli’s Entertainment’. He is known for not just being an actor but also for a great business man. He mostly enjoys his endorsements more than anyone else as he earns Rs 238 crores from them.




    5) Akshay Kumar – Rs 30 crores : After the Khans its time for the Khiladi of Bollywood. Akshay Kumar is famous for his ‘Khiladi Series’ and also for his stunts. He is the only Indian actor who has risked his life and performed stunts that would take the heart of the audience. He is the only versatile actor who has shown success in all fields of acting : Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy.



    6) Kamal Hassan – Rs 25 crores : At number six is our very own Universal Hero Padma Shri. Kamal Hassan. Known for his finest and most versatile roles, he has earned the Padma Bhushan Award for his excellent contribution to the Indian film industry. His fan base not only exists in south but also extends to north. Raj Kamal Films’ is his own production house. He is the second highest paid Tamil actor in Tamil cinema after Rajinikanth.



    7) Hrithik Roshan – Rs 22- 25 crores : The most Sexiest Man in Bollywood. He is not only known for his talent in acting, he also known as the best dancer of the Bollywood film industry. He has wooed his female audience with his Greek God looks and the younger audience with his flexible dance moves. He is known as the super hero of the Hindi film industry since the ‘Krissh sequels’.



    8) Surya – Rs 23 crores : The son of the yesteryears actor Sivakumar, is one of the most popular actors in the Tamil film industry. His versatility in acting was proved with films like Varanam Ayiram and Pithamagan. He has shown great talent and success in fields of acting like : Action, Drama, Romance.




    9) Vijay – Rs 18 crores : Ilaya Thalapahy Vijay is one of the most popular actor in Tamil cinema who has one of the largest fan base in Tamil Nadu. He is more popular among youth for his dancing and fighting skills. In spite of not doing many endorsements, the very few endorsements he does results in great success of the market value of the product. His most recent blockbuster ‘Thupakki’ broke all the records of the Tamil film industry. It was the second highest grosser of all time for a South Indian film after Rajinikanth’s ‘Endhiran’.



    10) Ajith – Rs 18 crores : Thala Ajith is the most anticipated hero of the Tamil film industry. His recent success in films ‘Mangatha’ and ‘Billa 2′ have brought him back into the big leagues. He is equally paid as Vijay. Known for his fetish for cars, made him race in the F2 racing championships. His fetish for racing had already lead him to a terrible career stopping accident. But after years of recovery he came back into the film industry and conquered a million hearts with his films.


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